New Accreditation Schemes will help to strengthen the quality infrastructure of BiH and support exports

The European Union-funded project “Development of New Accreditation Schemes in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was launched at the EU Delegation building in Sarajevo with the aim of improving accreditation services in the country. Sound accreditation is the basis for economic development and the industrial competitiveness of BiH producers in the export market – thus enabling international trade. 

The project was initiated in September 2011 for a 15 month period. It will support the Accreditation Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina  – (BATA), primarily in the development of new and internationally recognised accreditation schemes in the areas of medical laboratories and products and personnel certification, quality and environmental management system certification and improvement of BATA’s IT system.  During the presentation of the project, its team leader Mr Vladimir Ludvig emphasised that after the implementation of the new accreditation schemes of various certification bodies, a new evaluation by the European co-operation for Accreditation will be requested.

The Head of the EU Delegation’s Operations Section for Economic Reform, Natural Resources and Infrastructure, Mr Johann Hesse, noted that the integration of BiH into the EU quality infrastructure would strengthen the export of BiH products, influence economic development and open possibilities for new business activities.

“Working to international standards is an important element for elimination of trade barriers to the local market. It also secures better protection of consumers through provision of better quality of services and products”, Mr Hesse emphasised.

Žarko Petrović, BATA Director, noted the importance of the project for the BiH economy, and hoped for an agreement with EU to be signed by the end of 2012, thus enabling the BiH laboratories to have the reports of the inspection authorities recognised in Europe and globally. Tests performed in BiH shall be valid and no additional, expensive tests that would slow down the export process will be needed.  “In this way the technical barriers shall be removed and the process of accreditation shall be accelerated, which is especially important for the economic development of BiH and its economy in the field of international trade and export,” explained Žarko Petrović. .

The EU is providing 700 000 EURO under its IPA 2009 assistance for the project “New Accreditation Schemes in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.  The project is implemented by the consortium Hulla & Co Human Dynamics, in cooperation with partners SWEDAC, Anrika Quality Services AB and AETS.