Compact for Growth and Jobs: Young members of political parties visit the EU House

Following the workshop ‘Compact for Growth and Jobs – focus on youth unemployment and prospects in BiH’ held in Konjic in January 2015, the participating young representatives of the 17 BiH political parties from across Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the EU House in Sarajevo on Wednesday, 4 March.

During the follow-up event they had a discussion and debate about BiH in the EU integration process with the Chargé d’ affaires of the EU Delegationin BiH, Dr Renzo Daviddi. The ensuing debate on the major factors contributing to youth unemployment in BiH, measures to be taken for the improvement of performance of BiH’s Employment Agencies and on possibilities for creating better conditions for new employment opportunities was facilitated by economic analyst Erol Mujanović.

As a result of the Konjic workshop, the young members of political parties jointly identified not only factors which are affecting position of the youth at the labour market, but have also made clear policy recommendations on what can be done to improve this position of the BiH youth, thus contributing to reduction of the national youth unemployment rate of 60%.

Read the recommendations in the publication Compact for Growth and Jobs – Youth Unemployment and Perspectives in BiH