Grantholders and Seconded National Experts positions now open in JRC

In the framework of the ‘Enlargement and Integration Action’, the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC) offers 40 temporary positions for Seconded National Experts and Grantholders.

The seven JRC institutes are located on five separate sites in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

These positions are targeted at experts from research organisations, national enforcement laboratories and scientists from the following countries: Albania, Croatia, Iceland, Montenegro, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, Israel, Serbia and Turkey.

The submission deadline is 16 May 2011.

All details of these vacancies are available on the JRC web site

More particularly, in the JRC-IHCP (Institute for Health and Consumer Protection), located in Ispra (Italy), the following positions are now open: trong>two Seconded National Experts

  • P/IHCP/2011/01 Food contact materials expert
  • P/IHCP/2011/02 Chemical Assessment and Testing Expert

four Grantholders

  • P/IHCP/2011/03 Cell sensing and imaging
  • P/IHCP/2011/04 Chemical probes for cell sensing
  • P/IHCP/2011/05 Nutrition and Health
  • P/IHCP/2011/06 Methods for Synthesis of Radiolabelled Nanoparticles

For more information on the JRC-IHCP activities, see the JRC-IHCP web site