OHR's Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Banja Luka

High Representative Lifts Ban on Edin Suljic and Dragan Zelenika

The High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, yesterday (Wednesday) issued a notice lifting the prohibition banning two individuals from employment in the Financial Police.

On 15 November 2000, Edin Suljic and Dragan Zelenika were removed from the post of Federation Financial Police Chief Inspector and Deputy Chief Inspector respectively and banned from taking any post within the Financial Police. The Federation Government was instructed to reinstate their predecessors in these posts, who had been dismissed on political grounds.

Reflecting the changed circumstances that now exist, the High Representative has repealed these bans, with immediate effect. Edin Suljic and Dragan Zelenika are now permitted to hold any office within the Financial Police. Both individuals have signed statements swearing to respect the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to uphold the Peace Agreement.

The process announced by the High Representative earlier this year means that some individuals who, because they themselves have changed or because circumstances have changed (or because of both), no longer represent an obstacle to peace implementation can again aspire to positions in public life and contribute to Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘s development.

Reversing a removal Decision does not call into question the validity of the original Decision.

Should it be necessary the High Representative will not hesitate to remove these or any other individuals found to be obstructing the consolidation of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.