OHR's Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Banja Luka

HR to attend 1st meeting of BiH Directorate for Police Restructuring

Let me remind you that the High Representative will today attend the first meeting of the BiH Directorate for Police Restructuring.

The Directorate is a technical body made up of BiH police experts, who, under the terms of the political agreement adopted by Entity and State Parliaments, are due to produce an implementation plan by September this year.

The importance of the work of this Directorate cannot be overstated. BiH citizens routinely allude to rising crime as one of their greatest concerns, and the rise of organised crime in BiH and the extension of its influence to other countries has become a major concern among BiH's European partners. The work of the Police Directorate will make a direct and positive contribution to tackling this problem.

HR to hold press conference in Sarajevo

The High Representative to BiH, Paddy Ashdown, will hold his last press conference in the capacity of the High Representative tomorrow in Sarajevo.

As you know, the High Representative, welcomed the launch of Stabilisation and Association Agreement talks between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union, as a major step forward in BiH's long journey from postwar recovery to full integration in the European family of states. As of yesterday, when BiH negotiating team has begun talks with the representatives of the European Union, Bosnia's domestic institutions need to take charge of and drive forward a demanding agenda. This also means that there will be a gradual change of the role of the OHR in BiH. After opening of SAA talks, it is now possible to announce further measures to hand over powers of the International community to the BiH authorities.

Later in the day, we will send you media advisory with all the details related to tomorrow's press conference of the High Representative.

HR to address BiH Parliament on Monday

On Monday, January 30, the High Representative, Paddy Ashdown will make a farewell address to the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament. More details on this will follow in due course.