OHR's Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Banja Luka

High Representative to meet Adnan Terzic and Zlatko Lagumdzija

The High Representative, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, is meeting today with the Council of Ministers and it's Chair, Adnan Terzic. The High Representative will reiterate the fact that the SAA process is the most important issue  now facing  BiH. The objective that the International Community and the citizens of BiH fervently want to reach – BiH as a stable and prosperous state – depends on the success of the SAA  process.  In his discussions this morning the High Representative will emphasize the  crucial  role of the Council of Ministers in  maintaining the momentum of this process, in maintaining a creative and disciplined BiH negotiating stance, and in maintaining public support for the process, by ensuring that the people of BiH are informed about developments as they unfold.

In addition to meetings with representatives of the authorities, the High Representative is also meeting a broad range of political leaders to discuss the overall political environment of BiH, including the importance of making this year's election campaign issue-driven rather than personality-driven. Today the High Representative will meet SDP President Zlatko Lagumdzija. Yesterday he met with SDA President Sulejman Tihic. The High Representative will make it his practice to maintain regular contacts with leaders of parties that must perform in the process of SAA.

Also during this week and next week the High Representative will meet with leaders of religious communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.